Monday, April 21, 2008

Has Jennifer Lopez Had A Mommy Plastic Surgery Makeover

Jennifer Lopez

Lo plastic surgery of s, comprised a nose job to render its nose tighter. In the past, has marked on J. Moreover it is marked for having the plants of the guancica and a reduction of the labbro. Jennifer moreover has been thought suspicion for having an increment of the breast to contribute to balance outside its famous body curvaceous (picked the complete history on Jennifer Lopez increment of the breast of s).. In order not to point out its edges it is made of the company, than even according to as reported they are made of the mink for the appearances of the red carpet, designing l ira of . Now that she is moreover a mother, incitilo to recover the wonders if Jenny from the block has had a transformation of the plastic surgery of the mother in order to maintain its look. Since its days like girl of Moscow urge, it to recover have marked on the many changes that has made its appearance in order to increase its career.

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